Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Beauty is many things. Just scanning through my photos looking for images of beauty was enough to life the spirits. I am not sure what I was looking for, but I think these pictures tell a tale.

The first picture is one I took many years ago, maybe fifteen. I was on a trip to Spain with my Californian friend Kathy. She had booked the hotel on her corporate air miles as the previous year, when we had been tied by my student budget she objected to cockroaches. We were wondering around Seville late at night and I saw this square; I stretched my camera's ability to take a shot without a flash. The slightly hazey effect gives it a slightly dream like quality, appropriate for that (almost) innocent girl abroad.

I own up, this next picture is not great photography, but it illustrates my daily fix of beauty. As life has ebbed and followed: redundancy, infertility then pregnancy and beyond, my daily dog walk has been my emotional refuge. Every day I watch for signs of the seasons unfolding with simple wild flowers or the hedgerow harvest.

I love trees. Somewhere I have albums of photos of trees and tree trunks from around the world. This is my student's eye view. Imagine it, just lying on a mossy hill looking up at the trees as the clouds float past.

The next two photos are of beauty in action, the Pickle meeting then growing up with her baby brother DB. Need I say more?

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