Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Meal plan Tuesday

Yes, I missed it by one day.
How did my first week go? Obviously I chopped and changed a little, Nannie was unwell so the ham went from lunch to supper and I just gently adapted and eeked as I am wont to do. However as a focusing exercise it is great, so her goes for this week.

Monday - veg soup and potatoes with lids for lunch. yes, the pickle has become addicted to the Milly Molly Mandy 'things to make and do' book, though I think the triple barrel squirt is an annoying little goodie two shoes - but the recipes are easy. for potatoes with lids you just bake potatoes, decapitate as you would a boiled egg, disembowl and mix with butter, cheese and anything you fancy, before reassembling and eating with a spoon.

supper - home made chicken escalope for the children in salad filled wraps. for the Hubster and I make a noodle tom yum soup with random veg and add the escalope slice on top. We happily need much less meat that way,

lunch - dim sum in town
Supper - chickpea pancakes with beetroot topped with goats cheese and a little dukka spice mix for crunch.

lunch - sandwiches and veg soup
Supper - pizza (bumped off last week's plan when I flopped and went for Heinz tomato soup instead).

Lunch - at a friend's
supper - the children will still be out as we will be trick or treating with our friend as she lives in a lovely rural village (I am too old to really understand this custom). it will be a fasting day for me and it will be late so we will probably opt for cereal!

Lunch - at the roald Dahl gallery or the story centre. We have yet to decide - any ideas anyone?
Supper - curry night! I am converting the children one curry at a time. I am slowly perfecting the dhosa...

butternut squash risotto.

It is time I went to farm shop, so whatever looks good.either that or I have some squid in the deep freeze on standby and I do a mean stuffed braised squid.

Ideas, inspiration and lovely blogs, see here
Meal Planning Monday

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Meal plan Monday

I have been reading and Mama Owl's http://www.mamaowl.co.uk/p/recipes.html blog for a while, but always revisited meal planning, as I have mentioned in the past. this week I have so much on with so many different people that I thought that I should give it a whirl!

Meal Planning Monday

Monday - children have a play date and I am doing the 5:2 diet (more on this later) so ratatouille

Tuesday - boiled ham for lunch (Nannie is here and while she say that she eats everything her everything is not mine - no pasta, risotto would not want to give her sandwiches as she is visiting from London). I will share this recipe as it is fab!
- supper, ham omelette

Wednesday - we have a wine tasting at home (a gift comprising of the Pieroth bod coming to share / sell with us) so we need something suitable for children and to eat while we slurp.
-tapas including frittata, home made hot smoked salmon pate (had a deal on the salmon a while ago so it is portioned up in the freezer), cheese and if I managed it home made bread.

Thursday - legoland for the day as a birthday treat for the Hubster's grandchild
- chilli con carne, made on Wednesday with home made guacamole, Crete fraiche, grated cheese and either wraps or rice.

Friday - home made pizza, with goats cheese and veg as a healthy option, also ham from earlier in the week.

Saturday - veg curry and home made dhosas (this is a work in progress, but I will post about this later).

Sunday - start the day with pancakes and end day with something eggs with some fruit and veg in between, dependent on our lovely veg box.

I have been a very bad blogger recently - 95% reading, 5% commenting, 0% writing. This, therefore, is 100% unproofed but 100% honest. I will try to fill in some blanks later before crapness takes over again. Xx