Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Is it just me?

I was reading Bibsey's blog  and having a good chuckle and I was inspired to mention things that have preoccupied me.

- is is just me that is strangely concerned about having matching underwear but in the run up to a holiday I end up wearing the saggy grey pants to save up the nice ones.

- is it just me that despite being able to compete in the stilletto Olympics I still walk like a builder in drag (with apologies to builders everywhere).

- I don't give a toss what parents are called, should I be Mummy or Sarah? Once we have decided on Mummy and you know it, then it is rude to refer to me as Sarah to my children.

- I thought when you went to a lovely party it was manners to send a thank you note. Now you are expected to send cards to say thank you for attending. Card manufacturers are having a laugh, count me out.

- while I like to think I would never be seen dead in Crocs many sensible and stylish friends have succumbed, I fear I maybe next.

- I don't care how much you house / car / holiday cost.

- I love my local hospital, doctors and school.

- I don't do trendy; if my look starts becoming too popular I get worried (thinking about my gorgeous heavy silk kimono jackets)

- I am proud of my age, I have enjoyed my life and both wrinkles and grey hairs come with the territory.

- I don't watch much TV, really...no, I have not just seen this amazing new episode of Broadchurch/Dr Who/Breaking Bad. Yes, I probably would enjoy them, I know.

- there is a ratio of spending on skincare that directly correlates with the amount of weight that I put on.

- I drink sherry, so get over it! i am not 60 and you see funky hair chalks not a blue rinse.

- Despite my constant stream of ideas it takes older mum to kick my butt seasonally before I get around to updating my blog!

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Monday, 19 May 2014

I want mine cake with a dick in it

Mid life crisis? Possibly, but still I was quoting the great Dino Boy. As befits a little boy adept at communicating, thanks to his early start with the Blossom Method, he chatters away happily but pronunciation is a little tougher. He has more random consonants than the Polish language, hence stick becomes dick!

Is that an easier image?

We often read Bireman Dam on the dofa, but we do come unstuck in other areas. I have almost faced the wrath of the NSPCC when guy looks angelically at photos of him and his sister and shouts 'Pickle DIE' - he is not promoting murder of his sister, just he can't quite say his nickname 'the little Guy'.

He also loves ham, that is ham, beef ham, chicken ham, salmon ham or any other non vegetable ham. Pity, we were almost vegetarian before he came along!

The Dino Boy also has his own way of viewing the world, a little shock after the Pickle being almost spookily good. The other day he demolished one of big sister's special chocolates and when asked about it he just shrugged saying 'it is in my tummy so you can't have it back or I will go pop ***@brrrppp@@***'

He loves to do shows, often standing on anything precarious declaring 'ladies and gentleman I am a bedician I can make this disappear....'

This spring has been spent exploring language with a gorgeous two year old.
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