Monday, 19 May 2014

I want mine cake with a dick in it

Mid life crisis? Possibly, but still I was quoting the great Dino Boy. As befits a little boy adept at communicating, thanks to his early start with the Blossom Method, he chatters away happily but pronunciation is a little tougher. He has more random consonants than the Polish language, hence stick becomes dick!

Is that an easier image?

We often read Bireman Dam on the dofa, but we do come unstuck in other areas. I have almost faced the wrath of the NSPCC when guy looks angelically at photos of him and his sister and shouts 'Pickle DIE' - he is not promoting murder of his sister, just he can't quite say his nickname 'the little Guy'.

He also loves ham, that is ham, beef ham, chicken ham, salmon ham or any other non vegetable ham. Pity, we were almost vegetarian before he came along!

The Dino Boy also has his own way of viewing the world, a little shock after the Pickle being almost spookily good. The other day he demolished one of big sister's special chocolates and when asked about it he just shrugged saying 'it is in my tummy so you can't have it back or I will go pop ***@brrrppp@@***'

He loves to do shows, often standing on anything precarious declaring 'ladies and gentleman I am a bedician I can make this disappear....'

This spring has been spent exploring language with a gorgeous two year old.
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