Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wise up, check up and be aware. #mesothelioma awareness week

I did it! You know the old adage 'the devil is a shadow and bring a shadow into the light and it disappears'? Well for me that held true.

I have had intermittent pains under my arms for a while, too long really. I had been checking for lumps and while there was none the pain still niggled. When a friend's sister had bad lymphatic cancer, I avoided thinking about the pain more assiduously. Finally today I went to the doctor and phew - it was nothing to worry about.

Smear test booked for next week and then if can cut out a little more sugar from my diet I think I will be doing my children proud.

Knowledge really can be power, helping us avoid pain and heartache. For all of us in the UK we recoil at the mention of asbestos. My in-laws have been builders for generations and their famed lucky gene stood by them when others died painful deaths from asbestosis. Did you know that of all the countries to have still not banned asbestos it is the one that you would least expect to still permit it's use? Yes, the USA.

The lovely @HeatherVSJ asked me to write about her campaign to for
Mesothelioma Awareness. Please do look at the link, she was given just 15months to live, but has her own very lucky gene and has defied the odds to see her daughter grow up.

Wise up, check up and be aware - knowledge really is power, I feel so strongly that we owe it to ourselves and to our children - I want them to grow up knowing me.

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