Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Amazing Grace

Grace was the Pickle's first best friend - we was the smiliest little baby you could imagine. It is hard to believe that she died aged just 13months old of chickenpox. This is more a story of sadness - it is about Grace's memory. After their loss the Bradburn's did two things, they continued to give Grace's older brother a loving family and they resolved to keep Grace's memory alive through fund raising for Cosmic, the unit at Paddington Hospital that did so much to try to save Grace.

They have raised over £50,000! Amongst the amazing things that the family have done is a bike ride to Paris. While Grace's Mum did not go Paris, preferring to stay at home to look after her son, she done many other rides and sponsored events. Even now it is wonderful to see that she had had another child (now a healthy 10 month old) and still cycling away - now with Grace's little brother tucked safely into his little seat behind her.

Here is a video with Natalie - see if you can watch it without crying.

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