Thursday, 19 May 2011

Push Present?

Sonia Cheadle ring - image copyrighted so don't copy her design!

What a term - have you heard it? It refers to a gift a partner gives a new Mum in recognition of the birth. I hate it - the term, that is.

When the Pickle was born the Hubster gave me an eternity ring - we were well briefed that this is a tradition and had even considered an eternity ring when we commissioned the engagement ring; we were introduced by a friend who is a jeweller.

At our engagement party their was a queue circling the room twice of single friends waiting to be introduced to the lady who not only produced the ring but also the Mr.Right to deliver it. This is her site, she is a bit of a superstar she has just written a text book about how to be jeweller.

The photo is of one of Sonia's rings, with stones rather larger that grace my fingers. I love my rings, but fortunately for our budget I have never liked the kind of ring that seems to reflect your bank balance rather your aesthetic and for my stubby fingers small is beautiful (if I had piano playing fingers I may have lusted after more carrots than Benjamin Bunny's day dreams, but that is not the case).

If there is a tradition for an eternity ring at the birth of your first child, are there further traditions for subsequent children. Even the great Sonia has never suggested that she is aware of such traditions. Life as a Mum is much simpler, and I can't say that diamonds are top of my dream shopping list. Besides, having heard the term 'Push Present' I am quite keen to avoid the issue altogether.


  1. The term "push present" is def slang and not endeared by most folks - but it is what it is, an emerging cultural norm and meme in the US. If you check wikipedia, its a traditional custom in the UK and India, meant as a gift to the new mom to celebrate a child's birth. And even further back than that, it was meant as a way to provide financial security to women who didn't own any property.

    That said, If you're looking for gift ideas, check out the site Need A Push Present? Our latest post reviews Personalization Mall, and how this site is *the* place to shop for cost effective, but sentimental and instant-keepsake gifts. And if you're into celebrity gossip, we keep a full list of all new-mom celebrities and the outrageous push present gifts the receive.

    Specifically for celebrities, check out -

    Def a fun read, and as the push presents become a bigger cultural norm in the US, there's always another celeb worth covering and gossiping about (recently there was Rachel Zoe of Bravo fame and of course, Mariah Carey!).

  2. Wow - thanks Dan, you are the fountain of information. I look forward to having a browse of that site! If I do get any kind of gift, on grounds of loyalty and taste, I wil we will be consulting Sonia again :)


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