Monday, 13 June 2011


So pleased to see Josie back on her feet again and the writing workshop back in operation again. I have missed it! Click on the link below to find out more about it.

There seems to be a running correlation between contentment and the comfort of my shoes. I teetered my way through my twenties in a succession of diva shoes and pairs of fabulous boots, from one party to another cultural opening, holidaying across the world in any number of glamorous destinations, always just before the destination became known as trendy. Days were spent dashing from meeting to meeting, both at home and abroad, evenings merged into nights as we drank and smoked our way to dawn sorting out the worries of the world and disentangling our complicated loved lives.

It was exciting and never dull, but was I content? No. A fantastic phase to have live through, but we need to fast forward in my life to find contentment.

Next pair of shoes are my Ethletic trainers. Fair trade, organic and generally really quite cool. The trainers see me settling into my new married life in Reading, discovering new interests and meeting new people. I have given up city life for a dilapidated cottage, garden and long walks and I love it! I still pop into London for culture and old friends, but I always return to my cottage sanctuary. Content? Yes, I have find my niche.

Roll on a few more years, and I am heavily pregnant and the Pickle has just started at school. The glamour has evaporated and the high heals have been thoroughly relegated to the back of the cupboard and out come the old trainers with Velcro fasteners. I don't really care what my shoes look like, so long as I can get them on comfortably as I am fast loosing sight of my toes. With these trainers I can keep on going and enjoy my walks with the dog and relish the constantly evolving progress of spring into summer.

I don't have the high life but I do have complete happiness. Beanie the bump wakes me first with his loving kicks, then a little later I hear a bump, crash, crash, crash and Cousin It appears. She clambers into bed, and I stroke away her hair to uncover the Pickle. I slowly come around from sleep in a full family cuddle: Hubster, Pickle, Beanie and I. Content? Blissfully!

I don't need glamour, excitement and beautiful shoes to feel content. I feel as if life has a Sarah shaped hole just there ready to welcome me.

Is contentment all about selling out on style? No, it is about realising that life is about more than just the highlights. The French talk about 'feeling good in your skin' well, for me it is more about feeling good in my own shoes. Well, comfort and contentment can also be infused with a little glamour and humour. After all, look at my slippers.


  1. I NEED those slippers!
    Lovely post. I totally get it too. From Patrick Cox and Dune to Converse and Birkenstocks. What next?

  2. Those slippers are very cool. I love this post, you are right contentment and your priorities change but what's wrong with that? We aim for contentment, do we not? x

  3. Oh I do so love my slippers too...I mean REALLY love them, but I admit to loving my high heels too. LOL


  4. Do agree about the slippers - I found them in a funny textile gallery in Pimlico. I still have issues with heals, I can't stop buying them even if I rarely have the chance to wear them.

  5. very nice post and thank you so.

  6. My Manalos are still there, lurking at the back of the cupboard. The rarity of the occasion that gets them released just makes it more special now. Good job, the wages that used to pay for them tend to end up going on toys and trips to theme parks! Great post.

  7. What a gorgeous post! I love the way your shoes tell your story. My shoes have gone from Doc Martins, to comfortable work shoes, to knee-high boots and now flat slippers that I skip about in :-)

    I'm glad you have reached a point of contentment, what a blessing you have - here's to a joyous future for you all.

    And thanks so much for your support, too. It's lovely to be back.

  8. What a brilliant post, and I can feel your contentment coming through! xx


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