Monday, 29 April 2013

Slow blogging

I question everything, life, philosophy and mostly blogging. I read Mammasaurus and Slow blogging and it struck a chord. I started off the Easter Holidays full of bloggy hope, loads of great activities from lambing at a cousin's farm to organising an over the top Easter egg hunt and party, all photographed for posterity and, I hoped, this blog. Then silence.

Remember the old arcade coin drop games? After a few very tough years of depression and other challenges, it has not been so much that the penny is finally dropping but a coin cascade. Life seems to be making so much more sense, but I just needed a bit of time to myself while I was doing that mental sorting.

Rather than a tedious cross between blogging as therapy and public naval gazing I have just needed a bit of time for myself to clear the decks and enjoy two very cute little people.

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