Monday, 9 September 2013

#oneweek -

My mind was full, my diary empty and i had six long weeks to look forward to. Summer holidays had arrived and I had visions of idle days and endless picnics. My happiest memories are not of high days or holidays, but the smell of grass and the comfort of home, pottering in the garden or complicated schemes that we dreamt up then happily abandoned when food or bedtime beckoned.

I tried to be brave and resist the urge to plan. I tried to keep things simple, but opportunities kept on knocking. We made dens, climbed trees, played in the surf, got crafty and yes, we even managed one of two picnics and hoe we bounced!

The simple things were the best, and yes, the best things in life are free. But a landscape needs contours so it was the mad adventures that made the days making airplanes out of boxes so rewarding.

This remiss blogger was prompted by the amazing Older
Mum - I recommend her posts and those that she elicits.

one week

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