Thursday, 13 November 2014

Fairy Party Part 2

Erm ...back in 2012 I wrote that this was iminent. Blogging fail!

Why now? I was hunting out some graphics and remembered I had posted some images and then reread the post and remembered my promise for a part two.

Part one got as far as preparations, so here are some easy to copy graphic ideas - and the clues from our treasure hunt...

We started with the treasure map, each book starts with a map with the fairyland palace and Jack Frost's castle, so that is where our trail started too. The rules were that after each piece of treasure was found we reassembled and worked out the next clue together. Ryhmes were important as was keeping it simple, literary tendancies will have to wait ;)

Fortunately we are members at Costco and they always seem to sell the big box of Rainbow Fairies books for under a tenner, so with a few pencils, rubbers and bouncy balls we had some very good prizes with minimal tat and no further need for party bags.


 The pesky fairies from the school in ***ley,
At the magic cottage are playing happily,
I will teach that Pickle the Birthday Fairy,
Jack Frost can be really cross and scary,
I'll take her special fairy book 
And hide bits where they will not look 
I glued a 'book cover' from the invitation onto card and then cut it up like a jigsaw as 
in every book Jack Frost seems to break things that need finding. We hid the pieces in the 
garden to be found and assembled.
 4 x 3 or 6 x 2,
Solve this sum and find this clue!  (We have a number 12 bus) 
 Fairies are not the only ones with wings,
They kindly give us breakfast things! 
 You saw these when you just arrived,
'enchanted' is how they are described 
 When the Sun and rain join together,
There will be a pot with a prize for the clever 
(we had a large picture of a rainbow in the gazebo)

At some point I cant remember which we had to find goblins hiding in the garden, but here they are.

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