Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I have been blogging for a while, but mainly talking about setting up Mothers if Innovation. Two things have prompted me to set up another blog:

a. I have been inspired by The Sleep is for the Weak Writing Workshop. Josie aka @Porridgebrain has been running this workshop for a while and often when reading particularly poignant blogs I have seen how they have been inspired by Josie. I love to write but have never prioritised it in my weekly life.

b. I love my other blog Mother of Innovation but it has become a business tool linked into my Facebook fan page and twitter. This is not a cynical move, just the way things progressed and it now seems inappropriate to ramble on about anything too personal.

The aim of The Pretty Good Life is merely to explore writing and try and be honest at all times - and hopefully to write something worth reading in the meantime. I am sure that there is lots to learn, so please feel free to advise and steer me in this new challenge!

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