Thursday, 26 August 2010

Exciting Holiday

We have booked the holiday, tomorrow evening the Hubster leaves the office behind for a week and I'll try to control my twitter habit for the duration. We have our plans for loads of things to do, the Pickle is so excited I have to scoop her off the ceiling.

We have a great deal, and it is all so convenient. Door to door it takes negligible time to get there and it is a beautiful cottage with all the mod cons. It even has a well stocked larder so I don't need to go through the usual holiday cottage rigmarole of decanting bottles of oil and buying extra boxes of detergent only to forget my toothbrush.

The cottage is within easy reach of Legoland, London, loads of parks and we even know some out of the way cafes and pubs in the area. The Hubster is most excited by going swimming every day and has booked a special week pass at the local pool for just £7 per person - bargain!

We know from past experience that the cottage has bump free mattresses, soft cotton bedlinen and piles of soft pillows. There are loving touches around the cottage to remind you that is filled to the brim with love. While the floors and bath are clean and the rooms generally tidy somebody could tell the owner that she should de-clutter, and maybe the toys in the main reception room could be kept a little under control. But, at least if the dog comes in muddy I know I will not get any complaints.

The best thing about this place is that it has access to so many places and things that we would never do in our usual day-to-day lives but it is such good value! At the end of the week I will not even need to pack everything up to take home, because that is where it will already be.

Yes, we are having a staycation and I can't wait. I'll tell you all about it soon!

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