Sunday, 26 February 2012

A touch of chintz (how I make cake stands)

A party is a great excuse for me to indulge my sense of drama and creativity. I think that the Pickle has picked it up of me as the day after her birthday party she starts to plan the next one. Sadly my craftiness can not quite follow her flights of fancy, but then Cecil B DeMille may be a little cowed by some of her ideas.

Well, Claire of @Cemjay23 asked me about the cake stand shown in my entry so here are a few of my ideas. What makes a good party? It varies for each of us, but for me I try to spend wisely and I want to be relaxed so what could be better than have home made things that can be made in minutes from components bought from Oxfam for a song?

Paper cake stands can cost a tenner so why not try my version? I bought a pile of the most kitch chintz plates, a few random 1950s cocktail glades and a tube of araldite. Directions? Stick them together with the glasses between the plates - simple!

I made a few three tier stands - easy to make but a pig to look after as the glasses can snap when you wash them. Four years later only the two tier stands survive - but when the investment was about a fiver I can survive!

Add a little drama by candles in matching tea cups and saucers (night lights or melt down the stub ends of candles to make your own) and we are almost there.

A good way to add a colour theme is with balloons and ribbons. I bought a few 100 yard roles of 2 inch poly ribbon from a wholesale florist suppliers for about £1.50arch a few years ago and they are still going strong.

Of course you can go mad with home made bunting but that is a whole different story, and I have not even started to get on the subject of my six month blogging hiatus...

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