Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Olympic torch

How cynical am I about the Olympics? Well, I just don't get sport and I never have, I don't have that competitive gene so it goes straight over my head. I do however being in the states for the LA Olympics (admittedly on the other coast) and seeing the Brit team in the closing ceremony and Daley thompson's 'thank you LA' t-shirt (I was young and it was the 80s). So when the Hubster suggested we go to see the torch relay I went along gladly. Besides it was going past my favourite cafe and there was a decent tea in it for me. From where we were it was a remarkably chilled affair, I gather at other spots it was a bun fight and I have since since many shakes videos of heads to atest to that. We sat and Pickle and Dino boy woofed down their Mediterranean platter and the Hubster a heather beer I felt I had finally made my peace with Reading. It may be a town stuck in the twilight world of suburbia and chain store hell but it does have a beating heart and it was great to see it come together particularly when I could see it from the vantage point of the global cafe. All of a sudden the road outside us was buzzing. Cars stopped in one direction and people surged across to see what was afoot. Dino boy and I stayed in door from where I could see the pickle resplendent in her pink plastic mac complete with cat's ears on the hubsters shoulders. From our vantage point, appropriately in the Global Cafe, the Dino boy gave his best waves, enough to melt this cynic's heart. The Pickle not only saw the torch but she also smelt it - now that is something she could not have got from YouTube.

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