Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Why we are great!

Do you have one of those friends who you love but rarely see? One of my best buddies went back to lands afar and we only chat about once a year. It sounds as if we live parallel lives and I miss her like crazy. We have both been on a low ebb so have not felt as if we had much to say hence the time between chats.

At one point she asked about my step children - a bit of an Achilles heal. She just replied that I need to be reminded to take stock of who I am (with a few lovely compliments thrown in).

Who is she? Well she is very private and has more integrity than anyone I know. She has supreme style and is a creative powerhouse. I am not sure how she manages it, but she has an aura of wisdom so that even when she is doing things that are totally bonkers you don't feel silly you are just having fun and it all makes perfect sense!

I am great too! I don't value convention sound am not limited by it. Instead I my actions are governed my my core values: I can make a difference and make people happy, if I listen then I can learn.

I am a great friend, and a fab hostess and think your great! Really, I don't judge. This makes me a little unconventional but rather than assuming I know I want to know why.

Not only am I fiercely loyal but I love making your day. There is no toadying - I don't do that! But I believe in random acts of kindness. Hey, it is fun! Like the time a buddy was feeling shit I whisked her off to Paris to hear a mutual friend who was starring as Carmen. The picnic on Eurostar was not just memorable for my hand made onion and goat's cheese tartlets but the resounding pop in the silent carriage as we opened the champagne!

I am creative, competent and have a raving can do attitude. I have an infectious passion for things that I believe in, without needing to convert others to my values. I am undaunted by people regardless of background.

Does it sound a little pompous? I can image it might but that is to miss the point. I have been feeling like down and I had lost sight of the real me! How you? What are your strengths? Shout about how great you are - it is fab therapy! Xx

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