Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Things I don't get

Please explain where I am going wrong - am I swimming up stream? I just got sent some free samples of Mum Mum's baby rice cakes. Firstly a big thank you for sending them. They are organic, beautifully smooth and quite tasty. At this point I loose the plot. Surely salt and sugar are considered less than ideal - they are almost branded with a skull and cross bones. Are they essential ingredients for rice cakes? I checked my Organix pack and they seem to manage without. Why then would I will fully introduce them to my child?

While on the subject I love the Ella's brand; I buy them because they delicious, nutricious and organic - but then remember that the packaging goes straight to landfill. There must be some degree of correlation between buying organic and Eco awareness, so why is the packaging nigh on impossible to recycle? It annoys me so I avoid the brand again until the next time I forget!

Other random bugbears include over shopping for newborns when some saved money ( wishful thinking) to spend on delegating domesticity (cleaner / ironing / take aways - choose your vice) would be a much better use of cash. Or do we all need a colour coordinate top and tail bowl set that is destined for Oxfam after the first month?

I seriously don't want to trash anybody's business- and I have huge respect for Ella's kitchen- so can someone explain what u am missing.

I applied for the Mum Mum's samples on the Made for Mums website - but all comments are based on me as a simple consumer. :)

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