Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sunday Sundae

We have a house rule: you don't have to like everything but you must try things. Besides that food must be fun. I think this recipe succeeds on both points.

I have never been particularly good on puddings - prior to motherhood I would normally opt for a bought option or local cheeses (Barkham Blue, Spenwood to name but two). I have been experimenting and this got full marks from the family.

Make you own sundaes! It is fun and can be adapted for each person without any extra effort or obviously pandering to picky eaters.

Component parts:

Strawberry frozen yoghurt (I made it and it has loads of fruit so minimal added sugar).

Vanilla ice cream

Fruit sauce (I blitzed frozen berries with a little icing sugar than squished it through a muslin - a jam making one :)

Crumbled biscuits or cubed cake (I made a quick one egg cake in a mini blender and added some white chocolate powder - we were given a hot chocolate kit and the white chocolate has barely been touched so it is great to use it up. I cooked it in a lower oven than usual so it was dense and squidgy.)

Jelly chopped up


Toppings (strawberry flakes/ glacé cherries/ chopped nuts / sprinkles)


Fruit (we used nectarines - I contemplated poaching then in sweet wine but glad I didn't)

It is fun to layer it up. The Hubster felt thoroughly indulged with jelly and ice cream and and better still I did not have to share his tastes!

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