Saturday, 24 March 2012

The A-Z of me

As the antidote to my last post and to celebrate my latest follower and her lovely blog, I am taking her challenge and spilling the beans with the A-Z of me. Check out hers at

A // Age: 41 OMG I am old!

B // Bed size: standard double, which can get very cosy by the morning when we have two little human and one feline darling snuggling up to us. (Thank goodness the dog isn't allowed upstairs - more about him in D)

C // Chore that hate: most housework. I am desperately undomesticated. I do manage to keep the house hygienic and the children in clean clothes and nappies but I missed out on the housewife gene.

D // Dogs: an energetic and cuddly border collie who keeps pudding status at bay as I have to walk him at least an hour a day.

E // Essential start to your day: an hour and a half walk comprising the school run and walking the dog. Ideally I would have had a cup of tea and large bowl of sugar free Alpen, but often it is just the off cuts of the sandwich from my daughter's school lunch.

F // Favourite colour: Blue. Goes with my eyes and it suits me. It ranges from lush lavender to glacial eau de nil or sophisticated French navy.

G // Gold or Silver: Silver. I wear very little jewellery - to enticing to little people. I love non precious jewellery, plastics, aluminium and found objects but thinking of silver the best and most expensive thing I think I have ever bought is a vase by the amazing and lovely Ndidi Ekubia.

H // Height: 5 foot 6 1/2" I guess the half must be important as I always mention it.

I // Instruments you play: Tamborine? I tried to play piano but I guess I was pretty bad. The teacher once said 'if murder was legal I would have....'

J // Job title: Director. Now pass me my seat and loud hauler.

K // Kids: My little darlings - Pickle (5) and Bean (7 month) and grown up step children who deserve to stay anonymous.

L // Live: Reading, UK

M // Mother’s name: Diana - the mighty warrior

N // Nicknames: sometimes Sairi but I guess the best is Mummy

O // Overnight hospital stays: I fell off a wall age 6 and was concussed, then was kicked out for bouncing around the ward on a space hopper. Then childbirth, alas (the hospital stay that is).

P // Pet peeve: taking the easy answer. ..

Q // Quote from a film: 'frankly my
Dear, I don't give a damn'. It is an old joke - with my best friend who I only see every other year :(

R // Right or left handed: left - and yes, I am creative.

S // siblings. One brother, three years older than me. We don't see each other often but agree and are close on things that matter.

T // Time you wake up: normally between 6.30 and 7.00 when the alarm goes off but dependent on the Bean.

U // Underwear: yes. Ideally pretty and matching. Also I love my Pants to Poverty.

V // Vegetable you hate: I used to hate beetroot but the veg box forced me to confront them, and now I love them.

W // What makes you run late: my
Children. The only option is to ignore the time otherwise you will end up by being wound up and will be twice as late.

X // X-Rays you’ve had: Too many! I am a clumsy former Tom boy. The last last time was from when I tried to blend my finger.

Y // Yummy food that you make: I love cooking. The current family fave is pancakes with egg and cheese - barely a showcase for my skill but it makes them happy..

Z // Zoo animal: I went out with an actor for 8 years and we went to London zoo regularly to examine animals so that he could get physicality of his parts correct - apparently. Crap actor, I dumped him..

Wow - did it. Was it revealing?

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