Friday, 10 August 2012

European sizes

This is a very personal post - apologies! European sizes drive me nuts as I can not understand them (my issue not the sizes themselves). Yet again I am sitting surrounded by clothes as I sort out the Dino Boys clothes as he has grown out of the next batch. Just as I have neat piles placed precariously about me I find a t-shirt sized 67cm - what does that mean? I think it is too small, do I get up and check an on line conversion char? Well the piles went flying and I checked - he has not worn it for a while as it is too small, aged 6 month. Must find the momentum again to resort the carnage and finish the job. Next I polish my halo!

further rant...why, oh why do sizes vary according to country? A size 1 in Italy seems to be the same as a six to nine month and in the uk and I put some 1 year trousers on the Dino boy (a fine figure of a future rugby playing fella) and they were so big he ended u streaking!

56 cms   0/3 months or newborn
62 cms   3/6 months or 3 months
68 cms   6/9 or 6/12 months or 6 months
74 cms   9/12 months or 9 months
80 cms   12/18 months or 12 months
86 cms   18/24 months or 18 months
92 cms    2/3 years or 2 years
98 cms    3/4 years or 3 years
104 cms   4/5 years or 4 years
110 cms   5/6 years or 5 years
116 cms   6/7 years or 6 years
122 cms   7/8 years or 7 years
128 cms   8/9 years or 8 years
134 cms   9/10 years or 9 years
140 cms   10/11 years or 10 years
146 cms   11/12 years or 11 years
152 cms   12/13 years or 12 years
164 cms   14/15 years or 14 years

For everything else i always use - just waiting for clothes sizes to go onto it :)

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