Friday, 31 August 2012

What does that say about us?

(no reason for the pic, just we enjoyed drawing to together today when Dino Boy was asleep in the car and I had my iPad handy)

The Pickle was relatively kind on us with what she showed the world when acting out her vision of home; she had a doll baby that she was permanently attached to, kissing it and hauling up her top to allow her baby to breast feed.

A friend was also in smug mode when her daughter put her babies to bed in the play room at the local family centre. There were hugs, kisses and stories, she then pulled up the sheets and kissed them goodnight. She the crept away, turning back only to bark accusingly 'now stay in bed'.

In a supermarket queue a friends child was getting fractious so 'a few words' had to be said. The very public retort from the tot was 'now then Daddy you had better behave or there will be no wine tonight'. He could not get out of the store fast enough, but they had made the day for everyone else in that queue.

There are no more secrets when you have children. Have you ever been caught out?

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