Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Red could be the Pickle's uniform, but that had featured once or twice, or it could be a fire engine. (Is there a specific medical complaint brought on by the sounds from the great plastic idols?)

But, a red fire engine is the theme of my life not a story. So instead I must tell a red yarn.

I like to know how things work, I need to know how to things are made. Recently I have had a craving to make a crochet flower, so armed with no prior knowledge, a hook and YouTube I was ready for the challenge.

A few deflating knots later I realised I had to start with basics, I should focus first on discovering my single and double crochets, as well as the chains that had come so naturally.

Notice the difference between attempt one and attempt two? From there it was not too big a step via Mom of 5 Daughters to make my long awaited flower.

What do you think? Pickle now wants me to make us matching crochet hats. I imagine that it will be an addiction for the next month or so (just like spinning wool, lace making and millinery before it) but for now crochet rocks! Any ideas for what to do next, or should I capitulate to Pickle's dubious and taste defying demands?

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  1. I love the flowers! Next try crochet with Spaghetti. It-s fun but I'm not getting it right still LOL


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