Friday, 15 March 2013

Super ....Hedgehog

Pickle has always done things her way and has been marginally obsessed with hedgehogs for a while so I was not surprised when she wanted to be Super Hedgehog for Comic Relef. True she was the only person in her school to go off piste, but that was not her concern.

With costumes traditionally I go over the top, way over the top, but this time I scaled it right back. After a week of bugs and illnesses and very little sleep I had one evening to make the costume and the carrot cake so simplicity had to be my ally.

Armed with a glue gun and three shades of felt I set to work. Ears and two rows of spikes on a plastic hair band and a simple mask made from felt with another two layers of spikes glued onto that. Easy!

I quickly made a cloak, as my printer is on the blink I had to forego my standard 'professional' printing and paint a simple badge for the back. Am idlers costume that made one little Pickle very happy!

It won't go down in history like my Death Star or the Clangers costumes, but it is not bad.

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