Wednesday, 20 November 2013

#oneweek Making time

I have to include this in this #oneweek as I was about to include it last time but since then have procrastinated hence my title!

My step daughter is getting married so I wanted a special outfit to wear. My modest budget will get, let's say, a modest luxury if I go the ready made route. Spend around £100 on fabric and trims and I have the potential for something magical.

My first stop was Linton tweeds, the factory made famous for their creations for Channel. It is no hardship to focus on their affordable range at about £22 a meter, and needing just 3m that is more than half my budget. Having planned so far in advance I had plenty of option to trawl eBay for some cheap silk director from the Far East. I found a navy silk / viscose blend that was the perfect weight. Then came the lace, the first one I fell for was £60 per meter, but I managed to find the exact same one on eBay for a third of that and as I don't need much it just hopped into my basket.

After the passionate hunt progress stalled! A bit of good news / bad news there. The negative is my frame of mind, I am semi persona non grata at the wedding, it is not me but as 'step mum' it is the role - in fact I don't think that my steps really consider me at all other than an impediment and a target for random snubs. I won't be ground down and let the poison take hold, and I will continue to support them regardless. the good news is that when I first measured myself I was a little alarmed at the effects of my mummy grazing and since then have been trying the 5:2 diet. I measured myself last night and I have lost an inch across the three main size measurements. The other good news is last night I finally buckled down and cut it out.

Hopefully my the next #oneweek I can have my first ever selfie of my doing a twirl in my new outfit. wish me luck!

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