Monday, 25 November 2013

Planning Monday - including meal plan

I have loads of odds and ends to achieve this week - advent calendars to post, the first lot of Christmas presents to deliver (scream), evenings out, entertaining and I am still doing my 5:2 diet. I have lost one inch form all my vital measurements (I think that is what they are called), I only know that as I am dress making and I am rather impressed both by the diet and my will power.

The Christmas present delivery is contingent on me making some if the blighters - hessian and organza table runners in natural, green and gold - and wrapping up all the rest. I love wrapping up my presents in Chinese newspaper with raffia bows and a few mini bells, so for that I need a trip to the Chinese supermarket.

Also home made curries take ages, particularly if you grind the spices and opt to have more than one dish, so I need some preparation time earlier in the week.

Monday - Mixed veg soup
I make a vat, chunky soup for me and I blitz is smooth for the little people. It can keep my and the Hubster going for a few lunches too.
Tuesday - pasta bolognese from the freezer.
I am out and this is east, besides it is one of the few things that I am really not so keep on
Wednesday - Chinese supermarket day and one of my fasting 5:2 days so probably some bought dim sum with stir fried greens for me. this is semi pre-prepared so I will have a chance to make spice blends and marinades for a curry on Friday.
Thursday - snack supper. We will have been out do a birthday lunch and pickle will have supper with a child minder (a first).
Friday - curry night. It will involve loads of little people so I will keep it accessible. chicken korma, chicken tikka masala, chana dhal, maybe a potato and mixed veg curry . (For grown ups I tend to do mainly veggy curries - but regardless I will using my very curry stained Rick Stein's far eastern odyssey.)
Saturday - The Hubster is watching rugby at twickenham so we will keep it simple. Maybe a home made frittata.
Sunday - roast. We will go to the farm shop on Saturday and see what they have that looks good.

Phew - and I still have a few ideas in the bag for next week! I feel as it I have done my mental filing having done that.

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