Thursday, 23 October 2014

Bedding down for the winter

I have joined the wonderful Manneskjur's 'how does your garden grown?' twice before and it the most friendly linky I have ever enjoyed. Last time, alas, it coincided with my first ever pre-launch event for my new creative venture (which is treading water until my Dino boy goes to school) so I could not lavish the comment love as I wanted, to due to trying to avoid a nervous breakdown, something I plan to put right this time!

This time of year in the garden I am picking the last of the veg and tidying up; recovering lost socks from the potting shed (how does a little boy manage to scatter his socks so liberally I can never be sure) and picking errant toys from potential leafy graves.

Last weekend we picked the past of the Pickle's potatoes from her personal veg area and planted 75 tulip bulbs. I love my Jan Reus tulips and albums along the fence line, but there were additional bulbs positioned in the veg patch. Yes, I have come over Sarah Raven and planted a mini cuttings garden with the hope of cheery bouquets come eat spring.

I really recommend I visit to the home of my inspiration.

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