Thursday, 7 January 2016

French Club

Moving school is a big deal - we have quite a full score card of ticks with the new school: OFSTED good: tick, personable form teachers: tick, walking distance: tick. One thing that we left behind was French and the Pickle was not impressed. So there was one things for it: French club.

I lived in France many many years ago but it should be within my grasp but the first task was to find a format. With a little help of our frenemies at Amazon I found a book, and to that we will add food and cooking.

I feel like an old crone when I think back to my days in Paris when we used to go out for a Menu Prix Fixe for 5 Francs that normally included a pave steak and frites.

I challenged the village butcher to supply me with a pave - it was a last minute idea and I had not thought it through, he had to check on line and came up trumps, or I guess that should: be he came up rumps, because that is what it was.

We had the French CD uploaded and a menu from Paris of old:
Pave, frites et salad
galette des Rois - because it is epiphany.

Lesson 1: Au Zoo
Allows au zoo et j'aI vu un kangourou...

I could say the proof is in the pudding, but I have waffled on too long so the pudding will be in my next post. But in terms of the success of the French Club will be if the little ones will still be as enthusiastic next week.

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