Saturday, 2 January 2016

Shooting star

It is dark outside, cold and dark
Dark that consumes, that freezes,
Cold that takes a penetrating hold.
I look up and see the stars
The dark gives up her secrets
The sky seems bigger, the stars brighter.
Big Dipper, Orion and a constellation of ignorance
A tray of gluhwein to thaw the loneliness
Camaraderie in awe and silence
A shooting star
The church bells start to ring in the new year
I can't hear the bells but I have that star
Happy 2016

I am a New Years cynic, once we headed to Avebury for summer solstice. Being contrary it seemed logical to eschew annual resolutions for something more permanent. That sun rise we made promises, promises that I have reminded myself over the years so New Years have been burden free,

This year during quite time we discussed wishes for 2016. Prioritising wishes with the Pickle, nothing required for DB - yes, he was quite definite no clubs...ever. Maybe the need for resolutions can be reconsidered, after all I did not hear the bells but I did see that star.

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