Sunday, 2 January 2011

We survived it - and I'm forgiven!

I do love Christmas - the excitement, the family, the sense of occasion. After all the grief of FiL's death in November it was only appropriate to be there despite my family kicking up a stink. As dysfunctional as my family are, his family are sane and happy so it was great to be there. The is a certain kind of comfort in a great family and some of my favourite moments were just watching The Hubster, his sister and brother just gently ribbing their mother with pure fondness and no malice what so ever. Being with the In Laws there are still subtleties of the family dynamic that go over my head: the occasional tumbleweed moment and a little dancing on egg shells.

The most Christmasy bits were more private. The magical time on Christmas morning when the Pickle climbed into bed and we inspected what Father Christmas had brought. He must have read the Pickle's list well as she got her welly boots, sunflower seeds and scissors. He read my mind as I got a couple of cook books, a pestle and mortar,  fluffy socks and a New Internationalist diary with some cartoons so explicitly political it is not appropriate for all business meetings :)

The Pickle had very kindly passed me a virus - so after trying to pull my weight on Christmas day I have been almost bed ridden ever since. I need to pull myself together as the Hubster has been looking greyer and more exhausted I am worried that he is about to succumb. Happy New Year?

Well, yes, Happy New Year - I have been forgiven. After the fireworks of deciding to spend Christmas with the In Laws my Mum is finally speaking to me again. Why? Like the Grinch did her heart grow by two sizes? Almost, it was a gift: diamonds? a designer hand bag? No, it was a small, lurid, fluffy horse that could fit into your palm. Far from the tasteful and chic it was tasteless and cheap but it was obviously chosen for her by her Granddaughter, and she loved it.

Happy New Year to you all - I hope that this is a year of family, peace and a little silliness for us all! xx

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