Thursday, 27 January 2011

Feeling...(a conversation with a chair)

I have spent the past few days looking for random words - which is not as strange a it may seem. I have been following Josie's prompt for the latest writing workshop. What a great way to force yourself to observe the words that surround us - from visual pollution you can pull out that which is thought provoking, the promise of a story, or something to provoke a secret smile.

Nothing quite lit my bulb, until I saw a sad dejected chair that had once been lovingly and creatively painted. One painted word jumped out at me...feeling. In part it returns to an old theme about listening to stories before it is too late. What would happen if that chair could speak - what had led of lovingly painted chair be so shunned. Let us imagine that we can could talk, would it tell us what it was feeling? Suspend your disbelief and lets talk to a chair.

Hello chair, how are you feeling? What are you doing, lurking behind the door? You look so special, so carefully adorned, what is your story? Let me guess, you are in an arts centre,  were you painted as part of an exhibition or as a prop for a show. When you were freshly painted were you in pride of place?

How can I put this delicately, you must be intimately acquainted with many of my fellow humans. Have you met artists, and actors - and have you offered welcome respite in their busy lives? What have you seen and overheard in your time?

Then there must be your fall from grace. How did you, in your painted glory, come to be needed for your function rather than your beauty. Do you miss your glory days or do you miss the glamour of your former life? Again, how does it feel?

As I see you in your faded glory I think of  others, who may have stories, but are do demure to tell? It can be easy to overlook chairs, but how about people? Instead of a chair, it could have been an assuming lady who was once the life and soul of the Music Halls, would I pass her by or take the time to discover her stories.

So chair, it was wonderful to see your faded glory. I would love to hear your tales of life and indiscretions at the heart of an arts centre. Thank you for a glimpse of your potential life.

Here are a few of my other words, in case you too feel inspired!


  1. Fabulous words, what a great post! x

  2. Brilliant! I almost want to know what the chair's answers are now...

  3. I really enjoyed this! Fantastic creative thinking and beautifully expressed. I often wish I believed (and had the gift!) of the kind of touch that some psychics claim to have, being able to read the stories from objects.


  4. Great post! Love the words. :)

  5. Thanks so much for your comments. I was wondering if it was too way out - but I certainly enjoyed writing it.

  6. Very creative! I love it.


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