Friday, 8 April 2011

Flash Back the beginning

So pleased that Karin of Cafe Bebe has given this wonderful prompt to have a Flash Back Friday.

The Pickle is now 4 1/2 and I can barely remember what the early months were like, except the profound love I felt for her that over came exhaustion and the whole nappy glamour. Well, Beanie is due in August so I had best start remembering...

Wasn't she cute. Can't wait to meet Beanie!

Have a lovely weekend


  1. Oh it's wonderful to look back on those memories! Sigh...You have a lot to look forward to! Thanks so much for sharing and for joining in on Flashback Friday! ;)


  2. Beautiful photo of pure Mother Love. It all comes flooding back with gusto when new babies come along. I'm on number never diminishes! xxx

  3. Beautiful photo! Congratulations on your upcoming bundle - how lovely that Pickle will have a playmate.

  4. Oh that's one gorgeous photograph. My daughter is only just turned 2 and I still find myself amazed how much she's grown when I look back over the old photos. Lovely stuff x

  5. What a fabulous photo! I have just had my second child and like you the first month with my first born was a bit of a blur. Well I can say now that having mybsecond brings it all back fast enough! Good luck with Beanie x

  6. Gorgeous photo (sorry I'm late getting back - sotry of my life!)
    How fabulous to have another bump in arrival, can't wait to see what colour it is


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