Thursday, 7 April 2011

Mother Love

Another Gallery post - and I was in doubt if I could deliver as my main computer was down and my camera is having battery issues. I originally discounted this picture then it became the perfect post.

There in the centre is my Mother in Law - and she is an inspiration. She has five amazing children and not one went off the rails, or is anything other than a caring and fun individual. Those five children have become excellent parents and grandparents. She could not have done this alone, by her side for 60 years was Leon, her husband my father in law. Together they created a warm loving family that enhance the lives of so many others.

The photo was taken at the Pickle's birthday party - and interestingly one person who is not there is my Mumster. She initially accepted the invitation but then declined when she realised that she had an important bridge game to attend the following day.

So I propose a toast, to amazing Mums and the support and love of Dads, if they to it right the love can last for generations!


  1. That's a lovely post and what a fab family. Mums and Dads make such a difference to us all don't they? I know that's kind of stating the obvious, but I mean in whatever way they parent it has a huge affect. :D

  2. Oh yes! I have always said that being a parent is the most important job ever as if you screw up the effect is forever and the ripple out affect hurts so many other people.

  3. What a fantastic group family photograph, it is so special to be part of a large and loving extended family. Everyone benefits.


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