Wednesday, 30 January 2013

January glossybox

I was inspired to review the box by another blog - it was a great post but too factual. So here I am going to offer my biased, uncensored and unsponsored opinion. (I paid in full for the products but all images are captured from the
Glossybox site). Reading this through one day later is seems a mite snarky but what the hell - i can only add that i am looking forward to the next box).

Packaging is bound to set my pulse racing. A box of treats for me! This one was themed 'detox' - meh? Mum to a baby, retox would be more fun!

Gee thanks Glossybox. I have had this sample before, from you or it dropped from a magazine. A face musk that needs me to sit still for 15 mins, fiddling about with horrible metallic pouches - no thanks! Must I feel grateful for paying for a crappy marketing sample? Do I look that desperate? Bin it with a snarl!

Interesting...mmm. It looks unctuous and goes on like...a pumice stone. It feels so puritanical it must be doing some good. I guess it can do no harm adding this to my tool kit.

A toner. Well as Sister Sally of the Immaculate Complexion (beauty journalist Sali Hughes ) says that serums have taken over from toner, and even if I misquote her I am sticking with it. Besides, I like my old faithful LIz Earle spray toner with none of the faff of the needing cotton wool like this one. I love the ingredients though, so I may reconsider.

A lip balm, a very nice lip balm. The flyer reminds me that lips can show signs of aging so we should look after them(self edit - this is factually incorrect, but it is what i remembered, so the senitment stands). Well, if that is the case **** off Glossy Box, I'll return to my Viva Glam lippy and look a mad old bird. When I forget the tone of the flyer, I think I will enjoy this.

I love Paul Mitchell products. I look forward to using this. I have a little pile of soaps awaiting their turn, I will enjoy this after the gorgeous jasmine soap that I have set my heart on using next.

Oh, I forgot, there was also a 'glossbox' branded eye patch in pink satin. How could I forget that? Do they slip the extras in when they know the box is a bit crap? Apparently the Birch Box was a bit shot this month too, but looking at it I am not sure. Will I keep subscribing? For the time being, as everywoman I almost cancel they come up with a corker, so I will let you know next month.

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