Monday, 21 January 2013

New year

Flu, lethargy, Christmas, loosing my voice, too much reading and not enough writing. I am slowly getting used to the New Year and it is time that I let out my first blogging squeak.

Getting ready for 2013 i have even weighed myself, and after i shovelled a couple of pounds of dust of the scales I was amazed that I was the perfect weight ...for a six foot man. I did check my BMI and I was pathetically pleased that I was classed as over weight not obese.

I am pretty healthy, I walk briskly for at least an hour, often two, a day and I eat a healthy vegetable packed diet. There are a few myths that I must quash: food from the children's plates have no calories, i must taste the food as a go along...with a table spoon, if I eat really quickly my body won't catch up.

I once made a resolution to change, it was not for the New Year, but on a mid summer solstice. Typical of me really, but it was over a decade ago and it still resonates today.

Auntie Goth was interested in paganism and wanted to go to 'a henge' for mid summer, and as I think that you should explore all beliefs except racism and putting pineapple on pizza I decided to help. DIY Janet lives just up the road from Avebury, so a plan was hatched. Sadly AG was off in Eastern Europe so Janet and I went on a clueless pilgrimage regardless.

Determined to be there at dawn we seemed to set off shortly after the pub closed. There was the gentle sounds of cloaks swishing and intense murmuring. We thought we saw a stone move, but it was just a sheep ambling past, baffled at the influx of the great unwashed. When the Druids started to turn up full of purpose it highlighted our cluelessness, so we ambled off. Before we left we decided to make a resolution, it seemed that we should do something profound.

So have a made a resolution to loose weight? well, I have bought myself a rather fine red nail varnish from. Illamasqua and it is in the Hubster's custody until I loose half a stone. I intend to raise the bribery stakes as the year goes on.

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