Thursday, 6 June 2013

One week - w is for weeds or wet

The garden has been left, abandoned for too long. Last year DB was just too much of a liability for me to potter while on Mummy duty and the previous I had been pregnant - drained of the will to do much but sleep.
This year started inauspiciously. The old gardening myth is that you should not plant seeds unless the soil feels comfortable on your bare bum...apparently. I think this means that the soil should be well raked and suitably warm. I gave up waiting for bum warm soil and planted it regardless. Then it rained, as good ol' Willy S said '...the rain it raineth every day.'
My veg patch was soon a verdant green - with weeds that is.

After a while when everything has grown a little I can take the time to sift through and work out weeds from the veg. I am now merrily munching on all manner of salad leaves with peas and beans due soon.

I love my herb patch - and ram it full to stifle any weeds in their tracks. It is just outside my window so it has to be low maintenanc otherwise I would be in a state of suspended animation.

I can't tell you how I enjoyed weeding and edging then front garden. I have got back my fairytale cottage again. Weeds yes, but in happy coexistence and plucked to submission.
I am under no delusions - the weeds in the end will prevail but for now I have my small victories!

This was another post for the #oneweek initiative. if you want a treat hop over and see some more.
one week

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