Tuesday, 4 June 2013

One week - W is for Women

W is for Women. There is an exhibition at RISC's Global Cafe of inspiring women across the ages. my first thought was to arrange to bring the Pickle so that she could be inspired.

Then I remembered a Japanese textile artist I once worked with. she asked about his masterpieces that would make Ariadne quiver he replied that he was able to do them through ignorance. By not knowing what was possible nothing was impossible.

when chatting about suffragettes with the Pickle she just laughs, the improbability of not being able to do something because if her gender. It is too early to talk of glass ceilings, gender pay gaps and inequity in the justice system. Every year when she blows out the candles on her birthday cake she wishes that she could fly. For the time being I want her to believe that she can grow wings and that as a woman she can fly over any barrier that sexism may try to put in her way.

My butt had been firmly kicked by the amazing @older_mum and her amazing #oneweek initiative. if you want a treat hop over to her site and see her posts and those she inspires.

one week

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