Wednesday, 5 June 2013

One week - W is for Words: Wow it is a wowa

Yes, the Dino baby is becoming Destructo Boy. Crawling was short lived as he rushed headlong into exploring the world and all the dangers therein. Words are coming too, but slowly.

He seems to stick to single syllables, normally repeated at least twice - or 'sy-sy's as he might say. Hence, the family consists of DaaDa, Maama, RiRi and Digdig. He tends to pick up the sounds at random, hence RiRi only bares a passing semblance to Pickle's real name. Technically, we are not related to a digger, but this is his posand I am not prepared to break his heart.

Flowers, obviously are wowas, but he does have a very winning habit of saying an awed 'wow' when presented with something that should impress.

Caution must be taken as this is language in development. Lor can be either lolly (his favourite vice) lorry or curiously olive.

Words are still a work in progress, as is are garden.

I am working on a post about my garden for tomorrow as part of the amazing #oneweek project. I recommend a gander at some of the other posts.

one week

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