Wednesday, 26 September 2012

8 o'clock

Stand back and sigh. The Mummy part of the day is done. Quietly I slip into their rooms and kiss them in their forehead taking care to breath in a their scent in an almost primordial manner. I marvel at the Pickle's long eyelashes and natural beauty, and at slightly bonkers DB's snuffling into his beloved rugby ball.
Downstairs and time to cook. Often we eat at the breakfast bar with the detritus of the day inevitably intruding into our quiet time. Sometimes we go to our favourite local, the Dinning Room. Really our dinning room, it is where we have our date nights. A glass of wine and candle light and we can switch off.

The lovely prompt for this blog was all I needed to tidy up my sewing and set the room for dining again. Thanks Tara! The lovely food is the recipe I described in my last post. If you would like to pop along to see the other gallery posts just click in the badge to the right.

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