Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Breakfast is when I can't pretend to be asleep anymore, or when DB has got near suicidal with his attempts to make a run for it. Before I start: tea, the essence of life (or so it seems as I slowly prise my eyes open).

Can you hear that arrrgh - a dithyrambic sigh (I have been trying for years to use that word in anger). My conscious soul returns to my body.

Next wellies over the pyjamas and out to see the chookies. They are rescue girls so they don't lay too regularly, but hopefully enough eggs so we can have pancakes.

Pancakes are great for weekends, it stops the Pickle from sliding away to watch television as we all sit around and watch the chef at work. Once upon a time we used a Delia recipe, but the recipe has been 'cottaged' or randomised, so we make it up as we go along; critical is getting it to the consistency of double cream and adding the melted butter.

Delia's pancake recipe
110g plain flour and a pinch of salt
2 large eggs
200ml mill
75ml water
2tbl spns melted butter

Mix the egg into the sifted flour then whisk half the milk until it is a smooth paste, slowly whisk in the rest of the liquid and finally the butter. What can I say but flipping fantastic (apologies).

Sometimes they are simple pancakes, sometime fruit or sometimes egg and cheese savoury pancakes. The savoury are great before big adventures, or sometimes a great way to use up any left over batter: finish off cooking the pancakes, then you can heat them up later on a low heat and add the egg and cheese in top and carefully cook until the egg white is firm and the yolk still gorgeous and oozing.

Then to finish off breakfast and start the day a fresh cup of coffee, the Sunday newspapers and maybe a magazine or two.

Hold on, I disappeared into fantasy land, along with those 28 hour days with the couple of extra hours to sleep, me time and the extra hour to do all those useful and important things that I never quite get around to. Sounds like heaven, but in the meantime I am very content with my tea and pancake breakfasts.

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