Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Autumn changes

Year on year Autumn unfolds, joyous, predictable and ultimately giving way for renewal in Spring. This year Autumn will change Chaos Cottage in a way not seen since we got an inside loo.
When the cottage was built three hundred years ago it was a functional shepherds dwelling, surrounded by fields. during the war it was at the edge of a large airfield, but still amidst cornfields. Twenty years ago Reading came up to the back door, with just a track and a belt of trees to secure our solitude.

My morning ritual was watching the mists retreat back to the river Loddon across the fields in front of my bedroom window. After years of fighting I have to accept the change is coming.

As I came back from my walk this morning I saw the sight of cones. The track leading home is about to be widened, a roundabout built ready for the hundreds of houses that block my view of the river.
Before it was just us and nature, then sounds of trees and birds. Okay, apologies to the houses adjacent when the band at our birthday party was heard a mile away, or when we had delusions of Elvis at 3am when we balanced on surf boards in the garden escaping sharks; we were so used to being on a limb we forgot how close to reality we were. As the last leaves drop, so does our isolation.
this blog was inspired by Autumn changes with Older Mum.
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