Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Autumn makes itself felt, it attacks our senses: the smell of damp leaves, the piecing cold wind, leaves underfoot either crisp with frost of squelching when damp. It heralds a new season of celebrations. This year we were in Cornwall for half term so were lucky enough to herald the new season at the Little Monster's Ball at the Eden Project. Here is my little monster, hoody over her witches costume. I think the body language says it all - splat!

 As this is the Gallery I feel obliged to add a photo of a tree as it seems to be a shared preoccupation. I love the contrast between the leaves as they change colour with the proud bows of the oak and the vibrant sky.

I am trying to keep my powder dry, as I am looking forward to Older Mums's One week project next week. 

one week

I love her badge, I hope my posts can do it justice.

In the meantime, pop over to the gallery to see more posts on Autumn - it is one of my weekly highlights. :)

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  1. Am sure you can do older mum justice - isn't it a lovely badge. Nice tree, especially blue sky - make most of it. Recognise that body Language too.


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