Friday, 9 November 2012

Introduction to planet Sarah

Out there in the darkness orbiting planet earth is a satellite. It is nearly vintage - *whispers 1970*. It is a basic model, some more advanced versions are fitted with both the convention and common sense operating systems but this one manages without convention.

As it is the centre of my universe I have imbued it with unwarranted status and call it Planet Sarah. It used to be docked onto earth, when London based it sent out an expeditionary force most nights to investigate the twin phenomena of alcohol and fun.

Since the operating system was updated to include motherhood and life in the 'burbs it has turned into a satellite in random orbit. Lines of communication have been opened through this blog log. Great satisfaction had been discovered. It is still trying to navigate netiquette and how to join the great debate, but Planet Sarah is a benevolent place so efforts will continue.

One great issue with the operating system is the twin issues of lack of the convention protocol and early years of indoctrination in Yorkshire. Surprise has been expressed on many occasion at the nature of the happiness filter, negativity rarely infiltrates. The over all package can seem perplexing to the newcomer.

A commitment has been made to dock onto the great mother ship of Mumsnet - tomorrow we (who am I kidding, I) will be attending blogfest. however, there are a few outstanding issues, this may open up the system to viruses - the Mumsnet Initiation (being called a C U next Tuesday for etiquette transgression?) and a session about Dealing with detractors and tackling trolls.

I guess the thing is, I am quaking in my boots (Ethletic fairtrade ones if you are asking) but I am preparing to enter your orbit. It will all be fine, as on Planet Sarah we live the Pretty Good Life.

P.s. You may recognise me from this flattering pic, in the morning I will be hiding behind a coffee and by afternoon I often resemble Cousin It.

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