Thursday, 8 November 2012

Reasons to be cheerful

I missed this link up last week - which is strange as it is an absolute highlight reading all the posts, but less strange when considering what I was up to. I was on the best holiday! Just me and my little family: The Hubster, Pickle and DB were living it up in Cornwall.
We had such fun! I felt that it was a sigh of relieve as we all rebounded. The first years of a baby's life is so intense for a Mum that they inevitably set the agenda. On holiday we were a team, except we split along gender lines. he Hubster and DB bonded while the Pickle and I rediscovered each other. we had no obligations, no deadlines and no stress. It was bliss!
I had hoped that we would get to the Eden project but with little people sometimes the happiest times are when you listen to them rather than frog march them off, nominally in the name of fun. having said that we were busy! I had already written about the National Maritime Museum and alluded to the Eden project when we celebrated Hallowe'en, and we also made it to the amazing Aquarium in Plymouth, swam every day and even went skating.
The best things in life are free, so my reasons to be cheerful are the TIME we spent together as a family. Not forgetting the very special highlight: DB said his first joined up words 'Daddy Go'. Big smiles for my clever boy!

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