Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Any tips for pregnancy in France?

I am packed and almost ready to go. I used to be able to speak French - but that was 20 years ago when language revolved around flirtation, fashion and a little feminism for balance. It is two decades later and I am pregnant with a four year old and dodgy hearing.

I am writing a full on pregnancy blog as an excuse to try out loads of new recipes to fulfil my various cravings and on that I was discovering that France may have a slightly alternative approach to pregnancy care and nutrition.

Do they sell de-caffinated skiny lattes? I doubt it, although, to be honest, the Hubster is ashamed to order one in England. In England they notice the bump and you are likely to get steered away from the steak tartar with raw egg - or maybe that is annoying.

I had a quick Google about how to eat while pregnant in France and it seemed a little extreme. Bread and stews seemed to be convenional wisdom. As a consmopolitan girl I am entering this with no fear of 'dodgy foreign' food or anything foolish like that,and I know that in cases of emergency their healthcare is first rate. But all the same, do you have any tips for me?

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