Wednesday, 9 March 2011

One word: Comfortable

Another entry to Tara's Gallery. This week the prompt was for one word so I have chosen comfortable. Let me introduce you to Molly the Wondercat. She was a scared little bedraggled cat when we found her at the rescue home. She is now the fluffiest, proudest old lady who ever ruled a household.

Doesn't she look comfortable? A friend describes her cats as boneless when they relax, we just call it flat cat. To me it just epitomises that feeling of giving in to relaxation - a state that sometimes we all aspire to.

Whatever happens over the next week, I hope life affords you a few moments of blissed out relaxation. Enjoy some comfort! xx


  1. Oh thank you, I think I shall go and enjoy some cat comfort right now!

    And she really does look comfy.

  2. Oh she is gorgeous, they really do have the art of draping themselves mastered!

    Lovely picture!

  3. Cats are just wonderful (I've got a few) & a black one - my favourite colour kitty :)

  4. I wish I was a cat and this photo explains why. great post

  5. I love cats, always had them. She looks very comfortable and gorgeous x

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments! Molly will be so proud of the comment - but obviously she is no doubt as to her gorgeousness - she is a cat! :)


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