Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Simple Pleasure: Cooking

I have loved looking at many contributions to the Sticky Fingers Gallery - and so here is my first attempt to join in.

The title 'Simple Pleasures' seems quite an apt description of our life at Chaos Cottage. After all, the moments that I am most nostalgic about from my own childhood are the simple things like cooking, picking carrots from the garden or just having silly fun around the house.

Into adulthood  cooking became important, I started to bond with my 20 something step son as I taught him to cook when he was on placement from University and now I cook with the Pickle.

It is our favourite rainy afternoon pleasure to cook. She runs off, washes her hands, puts on her apron and gets ready to cook. Here she is making a pizza. We start form scratch, flour flying, kneeding the dough, through to the important job of decorating it with toppings. Cheaper than a take out and so, so much more fun!


  1. Oh yes, nothing better than a day cooking or baking . I haven't made a homemade pizza for ages!

  2. The rolling pin looks huge! great pic x

  3. Aw, how gorgeous! My little one isn't quite 2 yet and she always cooks with me - I love it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too :)

  4. Super-cute! A chef in the making.

  5. I love her hat! making pizza is such a great thing to do with children. hope you have enjoyed the gallery.

  6. Thanks - I am loving the gallery!


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