Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Planning done - ready for fun!

A few days to go until the adventure begins. Yes, I have been plotting a party for my Mum. It has not been an entirely voluntary thing, the day after she ignored by 40th Birthday she informed me that the plans were up to me. I probably should not open a blog about celebrations with a moan, but I am having a bad day. Pregnancy hormones + lack of sleep + family issues = wobbly moments!

Despite the wobbles I am really looking forward to it. We have about 20 of the Mumster's best friends converging on Paris, the highlight of which will be a soiree at a friends apartment on Saturday. I lived in Paris twenty years ago and have not been back for ten (that makes me feel ancient) and I can't wait to show the Hubster and the Pickle around. I have warned the clan that we may start off in convoy but we will be keeping to a child friendly schedule so will dip in and out of the adult zone.

I have even bought a guide book to Paris giving a child friendly perspective to the city. After all when I lived there I was more likely to be stumbling out of bars to go straight to fashion college in the morning that to be aware of what the under 5s were enjoying.

After a few days of patience in the city we are then indulging the Pickle with princess heaven - and we are whisking her off to Disneyland before returning home.

I think we are all set, I have reconfirmed bookings with hotels, friends and just about everyone and everything. The Mumster is delighted with the plans, her friends are lovely people (not always of my political shade - but genuine and interesting people) and even my big bro has confirmed attendance (under duress, but he has natural charm which will shine when he finally makes his appearance) so all I can do now is mop the floor here ready for the cat sitters to take up residence!

A few more things to sort and a blog entry about my scan and I will be ready to go...

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