Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I am so delighted that Tara chose Trees as the theme for this week's gallery. I love trees, they have so much character and offer us so much, beauty, shelter, food and even the air we breathe.

When I travelled I took so many pictures of trees, I fell in love with the eucalyptus trees in central Australia, fascinated by how they clung on seemingly inhospitable ledges on gorges their white bark contrasting with the red earth. Sadly, I can't share any of those images as they are all captured on film (you can just look back at my last entry for more about my exploration with old fashioned film cameras).

I have just got a new camera (a late Christmas present) so when I read the theme I took my new camera for a walk. All I can say is that I need to take some time to get to know it. If you have a Panasonic Lumix and can fathom how to focus close up pics, please let me know! In this shot I almost achieved what I wanted - to offer a shot of spring. Buds bursting against a blue sky with wispy clouds. Heaven!

Another shot from my new camera. My morning walk is my sanity, it enables me to sort out my thoughts and prepare for the day. It is just a small wood in suburban Berkshire, but looking up it is like a cathedral to me.

This is a tree from one of my favourite places in the world - in the Yorkshire moors in a dale adjoining the excellently names 'Fry Up Dale'. The landscape is so rich yet at times desolate with the romance and artistry of the dry stone walls.

The final photo is a surprise entry, it just jumped in when I was looking for the others as it was entitled 'Under the trees'. It returns to another theme of mine about doing things before it is too late. The picture was taken when we visited my parents in law at their winter retreat in Southern Spain. My FiL was a huge man in all but height and everybody adored and respected him and we all thought that he was immortal - sadly this was almost the last time that they made it to Spain. I am eternally grateful that we made it out to see them, where they were so happy and at ease, before it was too late.


  1. What a lovely collection of trees. I love the second one. x

  2. I love all of them. Did you lie on the floor to take the second one ;)


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