Thursday, 11 October 2012

Happy Chats - a reason to be cheerful

So far I have linked up with Mummy from the Heart's Reason to be Cheerful #R2BC focused on my children, it is time that I appreciate that there is life beyond my children. Well as if; wherever I am I am always a Mum, but not all conversations involve animal noises or songs with actions as much as I enjoy it.

There is no secret that I have had a rocky road with my Mum. It has never been a blame issue, as who cares. It is however healing to know that she does now have some past regrets but that she adores being a Grandmother. A decade ago conversations with her were stilted and dutiful, now they are fun! Over the past few months she has been particularly generous, helping out when our car failed and, more importantly, particularly thoughtful bringing us veg from her garden.
Secondly, we have just had our tenth wedding anniversary and it is still great to be married. Since then we have been around the Monopoly board a few times: my father died, I have done a masters, had jobs, run an organisation, set up a company and now I am, give or take, a stay at home Mum. Throughout this the Hubster has been constant and now that he is the primary earner he never makes me feel a junior partner or expects me to take the full burden of domesticity.
Finally, three cheers for my friends. Most of my good friends live many miles and sometimes continents away - we are not from these parts and I have never worked in this area since we moved in. This weekend I had Aunty Bat to stay (name changed to protect the guilty). It was great to see my little pink princess in the thrall of a statuesque, gothic, platinum bombshell. If I was worried that my brain had turned to baby mush Aunty B was generous as we giggled, discussed and set the world to rights.
My reason to be cheerful is that I am so lucky with my family and friends. I am looking forward to reading some of the other reasons. This blog hop is becoming the highlight of my blogging week.

This week Mama Owl is hosting the log hop because Mich is off doing inspirational things in Ethiopia - Mama Owl with her great post has given a little insight into what is going on. I feel really quite humbled by her post, it really highlights how lucky we are and so much of what we take for-granted is a luxury.


  1. Being a mum is def the best job in the world xxx fab reasons to be cheerful xxx

  2. Lovely to hear your relationship with your mum is better now and congrats on your anniversary x


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