Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

The highlight of the week, in many ways, has been reading the posts from Mich, of Mummy from the Heart, from her epic One journey to Ethiopia. What an amazing and inspirational trip. So I felt that I should do a trip around my home town of Reading for my reasons to be cheerful,
starting with an Ethiopean flavour (literally).

Tutu  credit:

Tutu runs the appropriately named 'Tutu's table' at RISC, a local development eduction centre of national repute. It is fantastic! Delicious, affordable and ethical food in a place where children are welcome and within limits can toddle around safely. It is also great to be celebrating award winning Ethiopian food rather than famine.

Continuing the theme, I am always heartened by Truefood Coop. The most amazing source of organic, ethical and mainly affordable food. We often toddle off to their shop for coffee mornings and I volunteer every other week at their market in the Silverdale Centre in Earley.

Finally I love the Reading Play Cafesin Palmer Park. This is a grass roots community interest company. It has reclaimed a Victorian gatehouse near a great outdoor play area. Inside there is a tiny cafe and soft play area with affordable ethical food (toasties from £1.50) and a range of fun events; bilingual Italian toddler time for anyone?
It is amazing how dedicated people can make such a difference to the community. A great reason to be cheerful!
What makes you cheerful? It is a blog hop

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  1. Fab post you're so right...people do make a difference x


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